Initializing more than 4 Jaguar/Victor objects causing ALL to blink yellow

So we’ve run into a problem after combining our control systems. Working independently, every Jaguar/Victor works, the programming works, etc. However, if we, in our programming, have more than 4 total Jaguars/victors, in or out of robotDrive 's (we are using java), upon Enabling the bot, all Jaguars/Victors flash yellow the same way as if the bot was disabled.

Commenting out the creation of the new objects (keeping the reference variables is okay) allows the robot to run fine, and the 4 jaguars/victors can be in ANY slot on any of our sidecars, as long as there are 4 or less, the robot works. Unfortunately, we require AT LEAST 7 to operate our robot.

Code :

Our setup is 7 jaguars hooked up to the sidecar with PWM’s and into 4 CIM motors, 2 window motors, and a Fisher-Price motor. We have since attempted swapping them for Victors, just in case, but have had no luck.

Steps we’ve taken to troubleshoot
1: New sidecar
2: Multiple sidecars
3: New 9403 module
4: Used both ribbon (reconstructed) and old cables
5: Tried to load code written by another team for us
6: Reimaged cRio
7: Reset/recalibrated jaguars
8: Used different combinations of jaguars/victors
9: Treated jaguars as victors and victors as jaguars
10: Paired up motors in different drives regardless of whether they are paired or not
11: Unplugged the motor controllers that are not being used (they CAN be plugged in while the object initialization is commented out, it works, its just related to them being initialized in the programming).
among others

Any help is GREATLY appreciated. We are at a loss as to why this is happening. As far as I can see our best bet may be swapping to C++ (which I as the only programmer dislike) or Labview (which I have no clue how to use and would rather avoid).

It sounds like your Digital Sidecar needs to be powered. Check the power LEDs, then check your power wiring.

To amplify on Eric’c comments: Check the 12 volt power going IN to the digital sidecar. It is probably missing.

To both of you who helped - thank you! The one thing we overlooked was of course the one thing that caused the problem.