Initializing the Axis Camera

How would one go about initializing the axis camera in the 2012 vision sample in C++and get an image? At this point, we’ve tried two methods.
Our camera is initialized exactly as it was in the 2010 vision sample. Here is how we tried to retrieve an image.

ColorImage* image;
image = axisCamera.GetImage();

I understand that this returns an HSLImage. Does that matter?

We’ve also tried this:

ColorImage* image;

This just causes us to lose communication. We don’t really know why.

Please, enlighten us.

Thank you.

Are you saying your program crashes, or doesn’t compile? Have you tried all of these?

ColorImage *Image = camera.GetImage();
HSLImage *Image = camera.GetImage();
RGBImage *Image = camera.GetImage();

or perhaps:

RGBImage image;

The crashing was actually a problem that I should have caught before I posted. I forgot that the sample code expects that image has been declared dynamically. I fixed that. We still can’t find a target, though.