Initiation line

I am confused by rule 4.1.2. Can teams choose where they start on the initiation line, or is their position roughly determined by whether they are robot 1, 2, or 3?


From what I understand, the robots can place wherever on the line they want, in order of number (R1,B1,R2,B2,R3,B3). I hope this answers your question.


My question is, does Red 1 have to be the leftmost robot? Or do they just get first pick of where they set up. I think you’re saying first pick.

Let me rephrase that:

Wherever on the line they want.

The order of number is ONLY if placement matters to one or both alliances, and IF someone requests that then it’s enforced. (It’s also an evergreen rule).

Red 1 just goes wherever they want, so does Red 2 and Red 3, at the same time. If there’s a conflict the teams get to work it out.

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Thank you!

I suspect the bigger issue is going to be within each alliance of which robot gets to get close to the power port during auto when.

This is always the issue for “good” ALLIANCEs, where 2 or 3 ROBOTS have meaningful AUTO routines. I can see dealing with a low and high goal easily enough since the low goal is likely going to move forward and most high goal shooters are optimized to shoot from further back. Dealing with 2 high goal shooters is a nice issue to have. I suspect if you are that good, you can accommodate a starting delay to allow the other ROBOT to finish and move out of the way.

If you have 2 slowish low goal AUTOs then I suspect you would only run 1 and just have the other break the line.

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Many will, but with the protected TARGET ZONE in front of the POWER PORT, I expect a significant number of high angle shots from against the wall like we saw for STRONGHOLD.

Will be interesting to see. I expect the high end teams to be shooting from the front of the TRENCH RUN. With a flat trajectory you should be able to get through the INNER PORT.

Shooting from the TARGET ZONE, even if you are only breaking the plane, only gets you 2’ 6" off the wall and hence requires a fairly steep angle and makes the INNER PORT much tougher. The bottom lip of the OUTER PORT is 48" up from the top edge of your shooter at max extension. I think that will drive teams further back.

I was thinking of the wall shot as passing on the 3 pointer, but haven’t done the math. OTOH, if you back up so you’re just inside the TARGET ZONE, you can add the length of your robot by shooting from the back, and maybe even another 12" outside your FP. Assuming a long KoP chassis or similar, you can likely shoot from 60" back and 48" down, which sounds like an easy lob if you have a tachometer on your shooter wheels.

I think your math is generous for a “practical” ROBOT. Having your shooter outside of your FRAME PERIMETER is a bold strategy and I think it would come back to bite you in a high speed collision. Be a shame if someone blew by and totalled your shooter, if it is lurking out in the unprotected space outside of the FP.

Assume a longish ROBOT (35x25), put the shooter on the edge of the FP, turn it around to face the wall. Leading edge of the shooter is 7ish inches in front of that, so 28". This results in 58" back, 48" down and is close to the extreme case, and assumes you can stop at the tip of the TARGET ZONE. A more realistic case is shooter in the middle (48") or front of the ROBOT (32") from the wall, if you are shooting from the tip of the TARGET ZONE. Realistically you are somewhat into the TARGET ZONE (making it clear to the ref that you are safe) and shooting from 42-26" back. INNER is a tough shot. I can see someone optimising to shoot OUTER from the protected zone. If you are good enough to articulate your shooter to improve the geometry for certain locations you likely can just build a higher powered shooter and hit it from the TRENCH.

Plus we were talking about AUTO, so you have to start on the INITIATION LINE. Plus you are likely going to give up the shooting spot in the TARGET ZONE for the ROBOT with BOTTOM PORT plans.

Having said all that, I expect to once again be amazed by what teams come up with.