initSendable not working

Hello, my team is trying to use the initSendable method and create a custom telemetry class as outlined here. Here is the code we are currently using. For some reason, unless we are manually updating values using SmartDashboard.putNumber(); the telemetry values are not being updated to ShuffleBoard or SmartDashboard. Am I using the methods wrong or do I just have to use SmartDashboard.putNumber();.

Are you calling putData anywhere, as described in Robot Telemetry with Sendable — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation ?

I ran a very abbreviated version of your code (one variable to display; no LL fancy updating of the variables just a offsetX++; in robotPeriodic()) and it works perfectly with no additional statements that aren’t in your program. Updates are automatic; I did not code an update statement; I only changed the value of my variable;

Possibly you have turned off LiveWindow in some other code that uses this class? This will kill it:


Or none of your get entries are called or no listeners are working. Add some print statements to prove the values are changing in your code then worry about why they aren’t going to ShuffleBoard or LiveWindow keys in NetworkTables.

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