As it appears there have been a few flying crate incidents already this year (which always have a good story to back them up) does anyone else have funny/interesting/warning stories involving either flying things or damage (such as broken windows)?

I have stories about broken windows, but I don’t exactly want them to get out if ya know what I mean…:smiley:


Our Team had a Frozen diet coke bottle explode in the middle of a meeting… it was really interesting and REALLY LOUD (sounded like a machine blew-up) and dont forget messy

during our meeting yesterday the fire alarms went off because people were working on the school and set a birds nest on fire while welding. right after the alarms went off it sounded like a huge pile of metal poles fell down the stairs…still don’t know exactly what it was

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**Our Team had a Frozen diet coke bottle explode in the middle of a meeting… it was really interesting and REALLY LOUD (sounded like a machine blew-up) and dont forget messy **

uhh… how exactly was it frozen? Do you hold your team meetings outside in subzero conditions?

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**uhh… how exactly was it frozen? Do you hold your team meetings outside in subzero conditions? **

Well we do live in New Hampshire… no just kiddin

See what happend, is we have a little what we thought was a fridge in our work area… well it ended-up not being a fridge but a freezer (yea I know and we are sopposed to be the bright kids). So they where left in there from Sat. afternoon till monday afternoon.

Anyone know why the 2 Regular Cokes didnt blow or really expand all that much but the Diet Coke Expanded like crazy?

well, not from this year, but i seem to remember tripping over the bar (field barrier) and hitting the ground really hard, and dislocating my shoulder my rookie year. they still haven’t let me forget it. note to self: if attending robotics meeting directly after work, bring change of clothes. skirts and robotics don’t mix, even if you’re only going there to work on chairman’s for awhile.:ahh:


Nothing bad has happened yet. The worst was probably me picking up a stack that was a tad bit too big. I got a few good hits on the head. I know past years we’ve had fun with the ramps…people riding around on the robots or just riding on the ramps :stuck_out_tongue: One year, one of the kids rode our bot cart down a steep hill :smiley: That was the end of that cart :stuck_out_tongue:

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**Our Team had a Frozen diet coke bottle explode in the middle of a meeting… it was really interesting and REALLY LOUD (sounded like a machine blew-up) and dont forget messy **

I had a can of Coke explode in my car a few days ago… not a pretty sight.

Haha…sucks to be a Coke drinker :slight_smile: Pepsi would never turn on it’s drinkers like that!

we’ve had many strange and scary things happen to us, for example, we can build a robot, yet it takes 4 of our brightest team members 15 minutes to move an extention cord and figure out how to use a microwave :smiley:
Anyways, yeah, we’ve had some stupid people flinging boxes at eachother, attacking certain team members with hacksaws and sparking metal object-y type things, and even things randomly falling off shelves onto the poor souls standing beneath it! (there is a reason for which we call it the Closet of Unspeakable Horrors :smiley: )

surgical tubing is good for attacks :smiley: snap

My injury happened today.

My team mates and I were waiting for our teacher and machine shop manager to tell us to power up our 2002 robot, and we were praticing toppling crates as we waited. I went to take a dive into the pyramid, which i have done many times…but an unnamed, moron thought it would be funny to stand on the other side of the pyramid, and put his body up against the pyramid, so it would be like me hitting a brick wall when I hit the crates. After I hit the crates, he started laughing, and my neck and head still hurts, I’m just lucky his act of stupidity did not mess up my scoliosis corrective surgery ( metal bars and screws in my spine ).

our strategy team was working with how the different stacks fall on the ramp we built…well one of the students felt it would be funny to karate kick the 5 high stack whle it was on the ramp…well his foot got stuck on the bottom box, the 2nd, 3rd and 4th box went flying, but the 5th fell straight down:yikes: I came out of the other room with one of the kids on the floor laughing and the one who kicked the boxes holding his leg…I just walked away saying" I don’t want to know" shaking my head…note to self…do not leave the kids on the strategy team alone with the boxes and ramp.

i did ride aroud on the team robot once. we put the shaft of a swivel chair in the gripper, put the controls on my lap and went for a spin. it was a blast.

then last year, team 350 was an inactive team. we ended up competing at river rage with a modified version of our 2001 robot. We decided to test it at a little demo in merrimack nh on the 4th of july with teams 166 and 151. well, what ended up happening is the nashua robot managed to drag us around the field (they grabbed our frame). Then later they tried to help us out by pushing us so we could get away from the wall. It turns out the back of our bot is like a ramp, as they rolled on top of us. Then later that day, they knocked the battery out of position, and it came disconnected, then proceeded to knock off all 3 of our signs (the team number signs, and sponsors sign). It was amusing.

then earlier that year 2 kids got in a lightsaber fight with 2 of the PVC pipes off the 2002 goal

in 2001 we managed to snap our front left wheel off 2 times at UTC regionals

thats all i can think of for now

Last year with the soccer balls we broke out two or three windows for about 50ft away. It really seemed to ■■■■ off the MotorSports people who share our building, because one day after the competition we found all of the balls with large slashes in them from where someone had taken a knife to them. We also had a few minor injuries from playing basketball with last year"s field, one goal, a soccer ball, and rolley chairs for all players. :smiley:
As to this year, the most we"ve done is broken a cieling tile and bent the metal strips that hold it up. I"ve almost killed a few stupid people, but that"s beside the point.

It seems that this year is a much more dangerous game, and I hope that all of you who try launching never manage to launch a box into the crowd.

last year, we were in quite a hurry to work on the robot. People were pissing me off, so I was working kinda fast and angrily. I was cutting a piece of angle iron with a hack saw, and as soon as I cut through, I was mid stroke going forward. to sum it up, deep flesh wound on my forefinger that hurt for a looong time (it still hurts if i push on it) but that diddnt stop me from working. bandaids wouldnt keep all the blood in so what did I use? paper towels and duct tape!! aaah the improvisation of the heat of the moment…


Not yet =)

A team member (longwaytofall on these boards) brought in a potato cannon and we were playing around with it. Yangotang threw a piece of potato off a balcony and hit another one of our team members in the face.

Hmm… I have about 5 cuts on my hand that’s healing… bunch of splinters too.