Ink n' Paint Texture Question

I was just wondering if there was any way to use current standard textures in 3DS Max through Ink n’ Paint. For example, say I want to apply a floor tile texture, but I want it to look cel shaded through an Ink n’ Paint texture - can this be done?

I’m pretty sure it can be done. I’m trying to do it right now and I’ll get back to you on that.

OK, it can be done. Here’s how:

  1. Open the material editor by pressing M.
  2. Select the Ink 'n Paint Material by clicking the standard, then Ink 'n Paint from the choices.
  3. Under the Paint Controls rollout, where it says “lighted,” you’ll notice theres a choice to select a map which is currently set as none. Open that up and select tiles from the list.
  4. Test render to make sure you got it. (It might not look like Ink 'n Paint unless you have shadows covering it).

A couple notes. By unchecking the check box under where it says “shaded,” you have an option to apply a completely different material using the same technique. Also, you might want to apply a slight bump using the same tile material to make the grout look more realistic.

Attached is the test I did for experimentation. I have the tiles and then just reversed the colors of the tiles for the shadowing and added a slight bump based on the tiles. PM me if you want the file. I’ll try to keep it for a couple days. Hope that helps.



are you just doing it for a tiled floor or are you doing it as something else??

Well, a tiled floor might be one thing, but I’m talking about all the default textures 3DS Max comes with - can you run each one through Ink n’ Paint??

I misread your original post. It is possible to make different materials as a subset of Ink 'n Paint, but you cannot use the default materials. You can however, use the default maps to make your own Ink 'n Paint materials. To do this, use the same method I used to make the tiled floor. (I’m guessing that bitmaps will not work, unless you have a cell shaded bitmap. The shading one the actual object will be cell shaded though.)