Inland Empire Off season event?

My team is in the process of figuring out what it takes to host an off season event for fund raising. What we were wondering is how many teams would be interested in something like this.

We’re looking at the same thing down in Torrance. Now, there is already the Fall Classic, but that has started to have this annoying tendency to fill up. There’s a lot of interest down our way.

What you need for an offseason is a venue (at least the size of Grand Terrace’s gym; for most high schools it’s a 2-gym setup), a field, and something like 20-40 volunteers to run the field and snack stand and pits. As far as scheduling, you want to try to avoid any other weekend where an event is happening.

I suggest reading the following whitepaper–there’s a newer version on the FIRST website, but last time I looked the paper appeared to be down.

Yeah our school has a pretty big gym and it would be perfect the only issue is it is a practice gym so their is no seating. Was just wondering if people were at all interested.

It takes quite a bit of planning. If you’re serious about this, I suggest you start NOW.

Yeah that is why I was asking now so we have plenty of time to plan the event. Thanks for the help.

Team 4161 would definitely be interested. I know the kids sure feel a let down not working with the bot. Just keep us posted and we can definitely with help getting some volunteers available.

The 2011 version of the paper can be found here:

Humans 4501 down in Santa Monica Would be interested in this as well. please post on CD openly about your plans and intentions. the greater LA area has such a large team base. perhaps support can be arranged.:cool:

Team 696 would definitely be interested. Keep us posted.

Depending on where and when this will be planned I think 2637 might be interested.