InLine Fuses Legal?

Are Inline Fuses Legal for competition?


In what context are you asking?

There are specific components that are allowed on the mini-bot, and unless the particular fuse you have in mind falls into the specifically allowed components list, then it is not allowed on the mini bot.

For the main robot, I can’t see why a fuse of any kind would be disallowed… but I also can’t see why it would be needed. If you have hooked the components up correctly all circuits will be protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker, which is much nicer than a fuse in that if it blows, it doesn’t leave you disabled for the remainder of the match.

If you are looking to protect a custom circuit, then a fuse would be suitable, but the circuit must be protected by a self-resetting circuit breaker so again, I’m not quite sure why you’d need it.

A bit of context would help provide a more useful answer, perhaps.