Innovation First, Inc. Announces New Vex Robotics Products for 2008

VEX RCR Mini and VEX 802.11 Wi-Fi Competition Control System Provide Users with Advanced Robotics Options for Popular VEX System

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I already responded on the vex forum, but I’ll say it here too: Amazing products!! The wifi looks awesome and the new mini vex kit sounds way too cool to pass up; I may have to get one (or two or three…)

This could possibly be a preview of what is to come in the redesign of the FRC robot controllers. I can’t wait for more details on this new Vex controller.

Wow! This has blown my mind :yikes:
Wi-fi is the perfect solution for controlling robots!
Hopefully this will solve the radio crystal issues people experienced at FTC competitions (that is, if FIRST doesn’t change to a platform other than Vex).
Looking further even more… I wonder if we’ll ever be controlling FRC robots with Wi-fi… the control board possibilities would be amazing!

You got a point there. The only problem is the chance that someone off-field can control it, but that can be fixed. Hmm…more teams, more robots, more channels…one standardized control system for FRC AND FTC? That would be cool!

Hmmm one control system to rule all the competitions…

The Lord of the Bots…

One WIFI to rule them all…

If the speculation in this thread is correct and IFI is not providing the control system for 2009, then I wonder if the WiFi field control patent mentioned in this press release means that a new control system provider cannot control the FRC competition with WiFi (unless they license the IP from IFI)?

Hmmm… I didn’t see any mention of the Mini being programmable. If not, that would limit its usefulness for education.

VEX 802.11 does sound like a brilliant product. If it works like they suggest it would open up all kinds of possibilities and eliminate the #1 source of contention on the field (robots appearing to not be communicating). But why, oh why, does this make me think of Skynet? :ahh:

The system also facilitates new features like robot to robot communication and even allows operators to drive robots remotely via the Internet.

Illah Nourbakhsh has been driving robots over the Internet for some time now… no Skynet yet, much to my chagrin. :stuck_out_tongue:

im pretty sure the mini would be programmable as the wifi controller is programmable via linux, windows, and mac and i believe the wifi controller would be associated with the vex mini so its thus programmable (my theory)

just my $0.02

and BTW great products!!!

Illah Nourbakhsh (one of the brains behind the CMUcam) has been driving robots over the Internet for some time now… no Skynet yet, much to my chagrin. I, for one, welcome our new robotic overlords. :stuck_out_tongue:

The new Wifi feature looks sweet, especially since it allows robot to robot communication (this will add a lot of fun to advanced programming), control over the Internet, and it’s multi-OS compatible. :smiley:

Very interesting.

Now I can’t wait to hear about the new FRC controller.

Hmm… a wi-fi interface would provide the bandwidth needed to have full-motion video feedback from the robot direct to the controlling computer.

Operators in one room, robots in another… how’s that for a challenge.


P.S. As for operating the robot over the internet… build it solid and ship it to the competition. Have someone there charge the battery and put it on the playing field. You stay home and compete in your pyjamas!

That sure would reduce travel costs! Better hope the pipe between you and the venue is a heck of a lot bigger than the one we’ve been trying to push the NASA feeds through. With the connection I’ve had in recent years, I figure I could get about five commands through to a robot in 2 minutes, but that would be a good simulation of how the Mars rovers are operated…

VEX RCR Mini Kit would make a great gift for those who have a great love for DIY robotics, and this programming kit features a brand new WiFi control scheme that allows one to work with virtually all VEX robots sans wires. I wonder what kind of covert, clandestine operation one might execute with this kit, but it will be available this August without crossing the 100-dollar mark.

it is very help robotics work for humans