InnovationFirst at St Louis?

I’ve never been to a regional…

Does Innovation first come to the regionals with parts? We burned a speed controller during our last day at practice, motor leads shorted on frame of robot and let the smoke out on a new Victor 884.

So we was wondering if they would be there to buy an extra speed controller? We are buying one online too, but probablly won’t bring a spare if this happens again during competition.

I also heard a rumor that Innovation First trades burnt speed controllers. Is that true? Or is someone blowing me smoke?


When you get there on practice morning go to the pit admin desk and have them make an announcement that your team needs a new speed controller. Or go around to nearby teams and ask if you can borrow a spare. The great thing about FIRST is that teams will let you borrow their speed controllers and lots of other things. Nobody likes to see teams not being able to play because they have a burnt out motor or other componet. I hope you are able to borrow one from another team or trade with IFI, if they are there. Good luck!! :]

I know we have obtained loaner OI, RC, and radios at regionals before. I don’t know if they have speed controls though. If they don’t at least one team should come running up to your pit with a speed control after you make the announcment.