Input to the system

Our team is pretty confident on making an excel scouting system, but we want to spare the time of inputting data from sheets.

How would we go about having another computer scout and have its data transferred to the central computer? (probably will actually use 6 different scouting computers)

We tend to run into the problem of not enough time to input data, and we feel that this could really help us in picking a strategy for each match.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Each scout on our team has a laptop computer, which is connected via ethernet to a central computer to store all the data.

The central data processing application that our team uses is written in python and recently I found a very nice python module that lets you read Excel spreadsheet files. It’s called xlrd, and I believe that there is an associated writer utility out there, too. It sure beats having to convert the Excel files into CSV or some other export format in order to read it in.

Perhaps you could have all the Excel data files from each of the scouters transferred to a central laptop and then processed by the python application that will read the spreadsheet files, compile the data and write out a consolidated sheet for you.

Just a thought…

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