INsight: 2017 Perry Meridian

Top Contenders:

Team Hammond roared to a #1 rank at St. Joseph by leading the way with 1580 gear/rotor points (co-lead with 2054). Unfortunately, being the top seed wasn’t enough of an advantage to get past a solid 8th seed alliance of 1747, 4485, and 74. Team Hammond will take another swipe at the competition this weekend.

The Pike RoboDevils were able to take home their first blue banner in team history at the Tippecanoe district with their quick mecanum (or vectored intake wheel) drive and gear delivery. Can they turn their performance from Tippecanoe into a streak?

While this event won’t count towards their standings in the state, THRUST will definitely be gunning for gold again. So far this year, they teamed up with 4272 for a silver at Tippecanoe, but had an unfortunately quick exit in quarterfinals at St. Joseph. Either way, 1501 will be in contention for this weekend’s blue banner.

Maverick Boiler Robotics led the way at Tippecanoe and set a high bar for the competition, taking part in both of the 4-rotor matches and achieving 1540 gear/rotor points in qualification. As the #1 seed, they helped lead their alliance to a Finalist run. Will they be able to capture Gold this weekend?

Rising Teams:

The event hosts for the St. Joseph district event silently posted top-10 scores. However, they were ranked lower than what their scores would suggest; finishing ranked 22 out of the 34 teams in attendance. Will they fly under the radar again or will the Black Knights rise to a rank that’s more in-line with their statistics?

With one blue banner in tow from Tippecanoe and after being selected as first pick of the first alliance at Miami Valley Regional, 234 is looking to continue their return to glory as one of the vaunted teams in the state. Look for them to add autonomous fuel scoring to their breakneck teleoperated gear placing.

PhyXTGears brought a deadshot autonomous to their first event at Penn High School, easily one of the most accurate autonomous routines in the state. In round 2, what improvements will they have in store? If they can reach the hopper in autonomous, watch out for 1720.

Like 1501, this event won’t count towards their standings. The CyberTooth robot will be a force to be reckoned with in the fuel race; posting 96 fuel points at Tippecanoe and 189 fuel points at St Joseph. Let’s see what kind of pressure they can put on their opponents as we move towards the State Championship.


The CyberCards flew high at Tippecanoe, finishing ranked 6th, but weren’t able to get out of quarterfinals. If they can improve their gear pickup to pair up with their already consistent climber, the ceiling is the roof for 1529 (that’s a sportsball reference, for those who didn’t know. We all know FRC is the REAL March Madness!).

These rookies from Whiteland proved to be much more than rookies when it came to scoring fuel. 6451 posted 101 points from pressure at Tippecanoe, leading the way at the event. Somehow, they went unselected through alliance selections. Don’t expect them to miss out on playoffs at Perry.

Castle Robotics broke onto the scene at Tippecanoe with a consistent gear-placing autonomous, solid driving, and dependable climber. With the help of 1024 and 292, they gave the 4272-1501 combination a run for their money in semifinals. Expect them to contend for the playoffs again at Perry.

The Tindley Trailblazers complete the solid trio of rookies in the state of Indiana. At St Joseph, 6721 was able to provide their alliances with a simplistic, straight-forward gear-runner and climber. With one event under their belts, expect them to become even more consistent contributors to winning alliances.

Strategy discussion:

As the game progresses, fuel will become the deciding factor in many playoff matches. Indiana has proven its teams are among the global leaders for climbing (St Joseph event had a 61.9% success rate, good for 2nd out of the 73 events to date), and gear scoring has a definite ceiling. As the competition approaches the deadlock at the top, teams will look to fuel to break the tie. Some teams have focused on fine-tuning their autonomous fuel scoring; others look to lean on teleop fuel scoring and situational defense after placing their initial gears. Yet others are going all-in on gears, redesigning more refined and reliable gear loading mechanisms. There may be a bumpy start to the Perry Meridian district event, but as teams acclimate to their design changes, we expect some sky-high scores in the playoffs.

Good luck to all teams competing this weekend!

Kind of surprised 5484 wasn’t on this list at all. We ranked 16th and ended up winning St Joseph with 2054 and 2960. We would have ranked higher but we had a bad roborio for the first day of competition (metal shavings shorted it out so we had no gyro among other errors).

I’m not going to lie, watching 4272’s machine in playoffs at Tippecanoe made me mad at myself–like that deep, what-is-my-life-about-why-didn’t-we-go-this-way kind of anger that lasts a couple days*. It did seem to have a glass jaw as playoffs wore on with a few disconnects on the field, but if they shake that out over their unbag time they’re going to be deadly.

*You can ask my coworkers, I was an outright mess the next day at work about this and our own performance. Haven’t felt that way the day after a tournament in 14 seasons, and I hope I never do again.

I always look forward to these :slight_smile: Kinda surprised at the amount of quality teams that didn’t make the list though (4103, 868, 1741, 1024, and 4485 to name a few)

The Digital Goats are excited to show INsight’s lack of vision this weekend.

Looks like they’ve chosen to spotlight almost a third of the 37 attending teams. Your list would bump it to nearly half. If they do half the teams, that’s not much of a prediction, is it?

Also 461 is not competing at Perry.

No it isn’t… But that does give me an idea :rolleyes:

Couple things

I don’t know how you can’t put them on here. Great floor pickup, 2nd overall pick at Tippecanoe, climbs.

**234 maybe a top contender (I apologize for any bias :D) **
There were 3 matches at Miami Valley that had all 4 rotors spinning. 234 was involved in all 3 of those matches.

Despite somehow dropping to be the 14th pick at Tippecanoe, they are a really good team. They were a “value pick”. They should have been somewhere in the 4th to 7th pick range and somehow dropped to the 14th pick. I would be really surprised if they weren’t a top contender (or at least a rising start) at perry. They are good at gears and great at climbing.

What in tarnation? :eek:

If you are not pleased with their judgement of you then you are welcome to prove them wrong. [That goes for all others as well]

Thanks for having our back LoganK013 !! We are excited to show off our improvements and learnings from the past few weeks! We should have a couple of surprises up our sleeves :slight_smile:

2 4-rotor matches in a row… And they’ve only played 2 matches!

First day of quals is over, and the 4th rotor has spun 17.92% of the time (19 out of 106 opportunities) with 21 matches still to go in quals. Are there any events with percentages higher than this?

That last event is responsible for 23% of all 4 rotor matches in the world, if I’m not mistaken. (Please don’t quote me on this, because I could be wrong!!!) this is coming from a very fast calculation that could have errors

Any expected INsight for DCMP? Can’t wait! Thanks for all you do!