Inspection BOM Template

Anybody figure out why there are about 10 characters in the column to describe the part and about 100 to list the source? I swapped the titles of those columns to make it more usable; if I resize the columns I have to reformat all the stuff at the top.

Take note that this year you must provide an electronic copy at inspection via USB drive (Rule R89).

Changing the width of the columns seems to be more appropriate

Drat, I missed that one. Guess I’ll have to reformat the whole thing. Thanks.

Also - it seems like last year the inspection template came out much earlier - anyone remember? I have a rev C downloaded on 2/20 and ship date was 2/17 but I thought I went over it with the team during the week prior to shipping.

One more thing - what fidelity is everyone using for inputing the weight information? We’ve used this template for several years and it always had the weight column but I never filled it in, however we have never been required to submit the BOM in this template format before.

oops - nevermind I see that was in the Q&A response as well.

I was thinking that tenth pound increments would be good. But AndyMark lists the weight of many of their parts to hundredths of a pound.

btw thanks for your initial post in this thread, which caused me to learn that weight is optional!