Inspection Checklist Available Online

Under the game manual section as a sublink under The Robot is the inspection checklist along side the BoM template.

I recall that last year’s Bill of Materials template had one sheet to record kit-of-parts items, and another sheet for the non-kit parts. This year’s only has the sheet for non-kits parts?

Think we’ll see an update to this template, or did I miss a documentation requirement in the rules?

Last year was the first year they made separate sheets, at least in my memory. I vaguely recall the split having to do with the data they wanted to collect that year (before the flash drive virus epidemic of 2011).

This year’s Read Me sheet explains “Any item that was included in the Rookie KOP but not the Veteran KOP should be considered a KOP item and indicated on the BOM.” I suspect they just want both on the same sheet as in prior years. I’d have to check, but I think we just listed the KOP in Column I (“Where did you buy it”) and zeroed out the prices for KOP items.

On the topic of inspection checklists, it’s interesting how understated R02 is. I wonder what will actually be required.

With all the ARA parts available and the different parts from KOP, First Choice and rookie kits it was a bit of a nightmare to include everything. If anyone has any suggestions, I will pass them along for next year.

The checklist says no lasers, but class 1 lasers are allowed I believe.

One nuance: “Visibility –PD and breakers must be easily visible. <R41>” Actually the rule adds “for inspection”; ours are easily visible for inspection with sideplates for sponsor and team logos that are easily removed, but not so easily visible in competition configuration with them on.