Inspection Checklist posted!

The official FRC 2010 inspection checklist has been posted on the Game Manual page:

Please keep in mind that this is only rev A and rev B is already in the works.

That being said, I’m sure that all of the Robot Inspectors will value your constructive input.



I like it! The ??? for software versions is a humorous touch (although I doubt it was intended that way)

You mean that ??? is not the version you are running?

No inspection sticker for you… Two days…


In the same area is the new Rev J of the robot rules Section 8. Please be aware that changes to the robot rules will be enforced at events. Inspectors will use the latest version of the rules and the inspection checklist at each event. Read and compete.

I have a question on “Intrusion of Balls Inside FRAME PERIMETER” - isn’t that only a rules violation and penalty if it happens? It says under normal operation - couldn’t your normal operation (by design) be to drive away from any ball headed for some area of your robot? I understand inspecting for this and flagging it to the officials, but it should not prevent the robot from failing inspection.

Min of 12 gauge wire for 40 amp breaker?

so 14 is not ok?

Or am I reading it wrong?

In accordance with <R47>:

<R47> All active Power Distribution Board branch circuits shall be wired with appropriately sized wire:
A. 12 AWG (2.052mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for all circuits protected by a 40A circuit breaker.
B. 14 AWG (1.628mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for all circuits protected by a 30A circuit breaker.
C. 18 AWG (1.024mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for all circuits protected by a 20A circuit breaker.
D. 20 AWG (0.8128mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for the power connection between the Power Distribution Board and the cRIO-FRC .
E. 20 AWG (0.8128mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for the power connection between the Power Distribution Board and the Linksys Wireless Bridge
F. 20 AWG (0.8128mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for the power connections between the Power Distribution Board and the Analog Breakouts and/or Solenoid Breakout if individual power feeds are used. 18 AWG or larger diameter wire must be used if a common power feed is used for multiple breakouts.
G. 24 AWG (0.5106mm) or larger diameter wire must be used for providing power to pneumatic valves.
14 AWG wire gets a 30 amp (or smaller) circuit breaker.


This thread seems to suggest that the CIM motor wires are an exception:


Ugh. We did all the 40 amps to the jags (there all jags…) in 14…

Better to find out now when you have a few days to fix it, then at the competition.

We don’t even have any 12.

Then use 10; you got 10 feet each of red and black in the Kit of Parts.

Regarding the distinction between CAPABLE and NOT INTENDED TO with respect to having balls intrude by more than 3" and whether such capability (regardless of intention) is a violation of rule <R19> (see below) - this sounds like a great question for the GDC and the formal Q&A. When I read the rules and crafted the checklist task, I interpreted the rule such that simply having the ability to intrude by > 3" was a violation of <R19>.

It can get even fuzzier - I saw a few robots at Suffield Shakedown with “squishy” barriers around their robot’s lower perimeter (eg rubber bands or belts). It was very easy for the robot to “hop” over a ball and trap it underneath (even though, under normal operation, the “squishy” barrier did a fine job of keep balls from being lodged under the robot). In this case, I would have been tempted to allow the robot design to pass inspection and left enforcement of the (hopefully rare) ball entrapments to the referees.

A formal Q&A thread sounds like an appropriate action to take.


<R19> ROBOTS must be designed so that in normal operation BALLS cannot extend more than 3 inches inside
a) the FRAME PERIMETER below the level of the BUMPER ZONE (see Figure 8-5),
b) a MECHANISM or feature designed or used to deflect BALLS in a controlled manner that is above the level of the BUMPER ZONE.

For those 4-H teams, have you used 4-H as your school name also?

Thank you,

Trying to Help

Hey, I was just checking out the inspection sheet, and I noticed in the electrical catagory it said “Motors - 5 CIM, 2 Denso Left, 2 Denso Right, 2 Fisher Price, and 2 Mabuchi. <R52. A,D,E>” So I was wondering if I needed to uses 2 left and 2 right left denso motors, and not somthing like 4 left as intended? I looked at A, D, and E and what I’m doing seems to be in compliance.

Did you receive four left-side Denso window motors in your Kit of Parts? You should have received 2 lefts and 2 rights and are limited to using 2 of each per rules <R52> and <R53>.

What do you mean by using “4 left as intended”?



Does this mean that all the updates have been included in the robot rules?

Your question is too vague. Teams have a number of resources that need to be periodically checked in order to stay up-to-date. It can be daunting but at least one person from every team should keep up with the following docs and forums - Section 8, Team Updates, FIRST’s Q&A forum, Bill’s Blog and the inspection checklist.

Section 8 is THE guiding document when it comes to robot inspection. There are, however, some rules interpretations and clarifications that are not rolled into Section 8 and are instead posted as responses in the Q&A forum or as reminders in Team Updates. I try to keep the inspection checklist and inspector training manual synchronized with the various sources of information.


Every time a Team Update comes out, the sections that are altered in the Update are issued as Section X Rev Y. Q&A answers are not automatically included–typically, the entire Q&A is published at some point between the end of build season and the Week 1 events. You’ll want to grab that when it does come out.

If you have something like Section 8 Rev B, you really need to update which revision you have.