Inspection inquiry

Hi everyone, I am reaching out on behalf of the students I am mentoring this season. They want to cover up the PDP panel to protect the wiring. In the inspection guide, it says it must be easily visible and or accessible for the inspector. Just curious on what the legality of it is or if putting something over like polycarbonate or something transparent for easy viewing? It would just be a cover piece to protect those components and then have the RIO and other communication items on top of that second layer off to the side not covering the PDP.

The panel would be a quick disconnect to allow easy access.

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My team usually puts a plywood cover over our electronics to protect them.
So long as it’s easily removeable so that it can be easily visible we’ve never run into issues with inspection.


The rule is the pdp be the accessable for inspection. It can be otherwise covered. Many teams mount it upside down on the bottom of the robot. Beware that the more the more accessible on the field, the more help help you will get off you are having trouble.

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