Inspection question

I was wondering if anyone knew if, while during inspection can we have a piston actuated so that we can keep our claw closed? Or could we use a piece of rubber or something to tie it with? basically what do we have to do?

If you’re talking about the sizing part of inspection, then you need to do whatever you’ll be doing to make your bot fit within the sizing envelope at the start of each match. Tying down your claw is probably not an option.

actually this was the case with our bot last year. the inspector let us just hold the piston with out hands while they put it into the sizing box. im not sure if they let you have the bot on because we havent tried that.

Right. The most important thing is that you have to fit in the sizing box during inspection as well as at the start of each match. Whatever solution taken for inspection must also be used at the beginning of each match.

Well when our robot is on it fits within the size constraints, but when it’s off it does not.

When you put your robot on the field, it will initially be disabled, which means no power to Spikes or Victors. If your robot does not fit into the starting envelope in this state, you will not be permitted to compete.

but since its a pneumatic were talking about cant you have the tanks filled to have the piston pulled in or out to meet the size constrains.

I think it would be better to actually tie the piston down instead of initiating the actuator.


Yes, you can have your pneumatic system charged at the beginning of the match. In fact, it’s generally recommended that you do so; otherwise you’ll be spending the first 15-30 seconds of the match charging up.

Any restraints (elastic bands, springs, etc.) that are used to restrain the ROBOT in its STARTING CONFIGURATION must remain attached to the ROBOT for the duration of the MATCH.

So i would say it has to be held in that position by itself, as I understand it you can charge the cylinders and then activate the piston to raise it. For inspection i bet you could just push it up an tighten the valves.

Well we have the means to keep it closed. we just needed to know what we would do for inspection. Thanks guys!

If you use a double-acting solenoid valve you can put the cylinder into position and have it remain in position even when the spikes and victors are disabled.

If you use a single acting valve then it will depend on how you have it hooked up.

Either way, it shouldn’t be a big problem for you.