Inspector Training Posted

You might find it interesting to see the five FIRST posted training documents for Inspectors on

There is also an updated Inspection Checklist.

Yes we inspectors are very secretive. :rolleyes: Please make our job easier by going over the inspection check list yourselves before getting inspected.

In particular:

Size and weight.
Bare metal/wires in electrical. (I once saw a nest of steel wire fall onto un-taped battery terminals. - nice fire works - fortunately nobody’s butt caught on fire.) Fire and smoke are great if you’re into Battlebots, but we like to avoid them in FIRST competitions.
Sharp metal edges on the robot. (we don’t what cut fingers - hard to get that blood off the carpet, and it looks bad on National TV.

Inspectors want:

1: Safety of participants and spectators
2: Fairness for all
3: Everyone to compete with a working robot
4: Have an enriching learning experience
5: Meet someone rich and famous who can hire them for a
real job.

It’s important to note that just like last year both the Team Captain and a Team Mentor must sign the Checklist to testify that they have done their own Checklist inspection.

I find this as a great tool for volunteers as well as teams who want an easier explanation of the rules.