who won the inspire award?
tell us your story of how you came close to it, lost it, or won it. the inspire award to me is a great honor becuase i know im inspiring other kids out there to do somthing great in the fields of science. What about you?

Do you mean the Engineering Inspiration award? Or are you referring to something else?

FTC’s top award is called the Inspire Award.

You’ll have better luck if you post this in the First Tech Challenge forum: should take you there.

Ahhh, so much to learn… so much to learn.

Thanks Cynette

when i made this, i thought there was only 1 section about FIRST. opps
what is the engenirring inspire award?:confused:

The Engineering Inspiration Award is the second-highest honor FIRST can bestow on any FRC team. It is for inspiring engineering in the community.