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Hey Everyone, the next InspireNC Challenge is coming soon! Both of our last competitions were great successes and we want to continue that train this November!

This time we wanted to ask the community for your date preferences to get maximum participation and better prizes as well :eyes:. We would greatly appreciate if those interested could fill out this short form to give us feedback on which dates YOU are available so we can serve the most people. Thanks!

Interest Form:

Also, we are considering a new and shorter “Mechanism” format, where teams create a singular mechanism in a shorter time frame and submit that for judging. We will run this event depending on the responses on the form so be sure to fill it out if you are interested!

What is the InspireNC CAD Challenge?
Simply put, it’s a weeklong competition where teams of 3 students design and CAD a robot based on a fictional yet realistic game manual that we develop. Both of our previous games can be found on our website here:

NOTE: All future info about the 3rd INC Challenge will be posted in this thread


The InspireNC CAD Challenge Game Design Committee (GDC) is looking to expand our team. With the competition becoming ever more popular and the addition of a mechanism division, we are in need of additional members to support our efforts. We’re also specifically looking for graphic designers who can help with game logos and reveal videos. If you are interested, please fill out this short form by next Monday, October 26th and we will be in touch soon: Thanks!


We’re excited to announce that the next InspireNC CAD Challenge will be held from Nov 22 - 28, with both FRC and FTC Divisions. We will be offering a mechanism division for FRC and FTC that will run on the last 3 days of the competition window, November 26 - 28. Keep an eye out for signup information to come soon!

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I’m excited to announce that signups are now open for the 3rd InspireNC CAD Challenge running from November 22 - 28, with both, FRC and FTC Divisions. We will also be offering a single mechanism division for FRC and FTC that will run on the last 3 days of the competition window, November 26 - 28. More information on both of these divisions can be found in the signup form and you may sign up for as many or as few divisions as you would like.

You can sign up to participate at Please also join our Discord at

Signups will be accepted until kickoff on November 22nd. More information can be found at

We are also currently looking for more judges, so please let us know if you or any mentor/alumni you know would be interested in being a judge for this event in either FTC or FRC!

We will have more information regarding event logistics, including prizes and awards, in the weeks to come.


Hey everyone, it’s time to release PIRATE’S PLUNDER and its Pre-Kickoff Manual! Those of you who have competed with us before know that we usually send out a short manual prior to kickoff so all teams have clarification of some important rules (especially regarding #design-release) We encourage all teams to read these carefully as failure to comply may result in disqualification :grimacing:.

All links are below!

Be sure to join our Discord for all our updates as well!

Also be sure to sign up by 2020-11-22T05:00:00Z using the link above!


Hey everyone! We are proud to announce our partnership with Dassault Systemes , AndyMark , and REV Robotics who will be providing prizes and judging resources for our competition! Thank you to all our sponsors for supporting the InspireNC CAD Challenge! We couldn’t do it without you!

As a reminder, our signups for both the FRC and FTC Full Robot Divisions close this Sunday, November 22nd, at 12 PM EST . Meanwhile, signups for our Mechanism Divisions will close on Thursday, November 26th at 12 PM EST . Be sure to signup ASAP at the link below! Signup Form:

Be sure to join our Discord for all our updates as well!

I’m extremely excited to release our InspireNC CAD Challenge Game: Pirate’s Plunder! Game materials are below:

Reveal video

FRC and FTC Field CAD (STEP)
FRC and FTC Field CAD (Onshape)

FRC and FTC Manuals

We hope everyone enjoys this game and good luck to all teams!


Hey Everyone! Reminder that our Mechanism Challenge starts 2020-11-26T17:00:00Z so be sure to sign up at the link below as well as join our Discord!

For those of you currently competing in the Full Robot divisions, we will be releasing submission materials and technical binder templates tomorrow at 12 as well!

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Happy Thanksgiving! On this day, InspireNC would like to say that we are thankful for everyone who has supported us in this event: our sponsors, our judges, GDC, and everyone who has competed in the CAD Challenge. What started as a small idea one day when we were bored has grown into this wonderful competition, and we couldn’t have done it without your support.

Now with that, let’s get on to the hot topic of the day: the Mechanism Design Challenge! The game manuals for the FTC and FRC challenges have been attached below. Please take time to carefully read through the manuals, and then we will be fielding any questions you may have in the respective q-and-a channels on our Discord. Also a reminder that if you are interested in participating, be sure to sign up ASAP!

FRC Mechanism Manual:

FTC Mechanism Manual:

We will also be sending more information about submission for all competition categories later today.

Once again, Happy Thanksgiving, and we hope y’all have fun with these challenges!!

We have submission materials! Remember, all submissions are due this 2020-11-29T04:59:00Z so good luck!

Submissions will still be accepted until 2 hours after the deadline due to the Team Update

Hey all! As a reminder, we will be revealing all robots on our live awards show TONIGHT starting at 8PM Eastern. Come check it out at and give your critiques in chat as we count down all the submissions!

We have AndyMark gift certificate giveaways for those who watch live and prizes for the competition participants from REV Robotics!

To fit everything within a reasonable timeframe we will be structuring the show as follows:
8PM: FTC count down
~8:30PM: FRC count down

We will be trying out a new format for the show to dig a bit deeper into the top robots so make sure to watch until the end to see that!!

See you all tonight!

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Just getting started with the show! Tune in now to see these amazing robots!

Congratulations all teams!!!

Thanks to FIRST Updates Now, REV Robotics, AndyMark, Dassault Systemes, FRC 900: The Zebracorns, and FRC 6908: Infuzed for making this entire event possible. We couldn’t have run such a great event without you!

Also a huge shoutout to all of our judges! Thank you so much for taking the time to judge the robots for us; we could not have done this without you all! Also thanks to our producer Tyler and FirstUpdatesNow for helping us with the awards show yet again! And to all of our participants for their great submissions! It truly takes a lot of people to make an event like this run successfully, and we’re extremely gracious!!

For those of you who won, be sure to contact us so we can send you your prizes! We hope everyone had a great time in this Challenge and hope to see you all again during our next challenge!

Have feedback? Be sure to fill out this survey, all responses are greatly appreciated and contribute towards making INC better than ever:

We will be releasing detailed feedback sheets from the judges in the coming week!

Team 9999, Offseason Demo Team, is proud to present our robot for the InspireNC Game: Depot Dash Pirates Plunder!

Tech Binder: Offseason Demo Team Tech Binder (2).pdf (1.5 MB)

The CAD (OnShape) is linked in the tech binder.

If you have any questions regarding the CAD, please ask @BitSentinel (who cadded the entire robot) and not me.


Archives of the team presentations:




A simple robot for team 420, the Boardie Alliance this time.
INC2 tech binder.pdf (344.8 KB)

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