InspireNC's 2nd CAD Challenge - Live Friday 8pm Eastern

Hello Chief Delphi,

I’m excited to announce that InspireNC, a student-led non-profit that works to promote STEAM education in North Carolina, will be hosting our 2nd CAD Challenge from July 6th at 12PM EST to July 13th at 11:59PM EST. This challenge will be in similar scope to a CADathon, with a full game manual and field CAD being released at kickoff on July 6th.

Teams of no more than 3 people will have 1 week to CAD a robot to compete in our game. Our event will be comprised of 2 divisions: a FRC division and a FTC division, with minor game modifications to suit each level. This competition is a great way to improve your CAD skills and is open to all students, mentors, and alumni. We will also have some special prizes for the winners, courtesy of AndyMark. Stay tuned for more information on this.

If you are interested in participating, one member of your team should sign up through this form: If you do not have a team to participate with, please fill out the form and we will assign you with random partners. Signups will be accepted until kickoff on July 6th. More information can be found at Please also join our Discord at

We will have more information regarding event logistics in the weeks to come.


I’m happy to announce the 2nd CAD Challenge: Green Generation!

We have revised the dates for the competition, it will now be from July 3rd at 12PM EDT to July 10th at 11:59PM EDT, in order to avoid conflict with another CAD event that will be going on as well. We will continue to accept sign-ups until the game is released, so join our discord server ( and register to compete as soon as you can!


Hey everyone!

We’re excited to release some pregame materials before our CAD Challenge kicks off on July 3rd at Noon Eastern! Pregame manuals for the FTC and FRC divisions can be found at

We have more information including SolidWorks licenses, prizes from AndyMark, and team assignments in our Discord at, so please join that to get updates.

Additionally, we would like to thank First Updates Now for their support of our event. We will be live-streaming an awards show on July 17th, 2020 in partnership with FUN. Look for more information about this in the coming weeks.

As a reminder, signups are still open at, and will remain open until kickoff on July 3rd at Noon Eastern.

Thank you all for your support!


Is there info about the first CAD challenge somewhere? Just wanted to see some of the entries for that…


Yup! On our website:, at the bottom of the page we have information regarding our first CAD Challenge, with the game manual, field CAD, and images of all of the submissions for that event. Our first CAD Challenge only included an FRC division, with teams from only North Carolina, however, this one is open to everyone with an FRC and FTC division!


As a reminder, kickoff is tomorrow, July 3rd, at Noon Eastern! Signups are still open at and will remain open until kickoff!


Game Release Time!!

You can find all of the materials for GREEN GENERATION, including FTC and FRC FIELD CAD (in SolidWorks, STEP, and Onshape), FTC and FRC manuals, Sample Scoring Sheets, and Sample Scouting Sheets on our website at

For those of you just looking for the link to the manual it’s in this Google Drive folder:

The Q&A will be closed for the first 20 minutes following release to ensure that everyone reads the manual in its entirety before asking any questions.
Thanks and good luck to all teams!


Thank you to everyone who participated in our CAD Challenge! We had 56 FRC and FTC robots submitted and our judges are looking forward to providing feedback on all of these amazing robots!

Further, we would like to thank AndyMark and Dassault Systemes for graciously supporting our event with sponsorships, as well as First Updates Now and FIRST North Carolina for their support in advertising!

Our live awards show will be this Friday, July 17th, at 8PM Eastern on the First Updates Now (FUN) Twitch channel: We look forward to unveiling these outstanding designs!


As a reminder, we will be revealing all robots on our live awards show this Friday, July 17th, starting at 8PM Eastern. Come check it out at and give your critiques in chat as we count down all of the submissions!

To fit everything within a reasonable timeframe we will be structuring the show as follows:
8PM: FTC count down from 13-1 with both judges providing comments on all robots
~8:30PM: FRC count down from 42-1 with comments from one judge until the top 10, where all judges will provide their comments

We will be giving out prizes to the winners of each division, as well as for one special award in each division, so keep watching until the end to see who wins those!


@Kavar918 I enjoyed competing in the challenge but I had to quit after barely completing the indexing mechanism because my team and I decided to work on our 2020 robot since the school finally allowed us to enter the workshop again. I liked the game design and I used this challenge as an opportunity to plan my first robot and learned a lot out of it, thank you very much for hosting this competition :trophy: ; looking forward for more events like this.


All robots for the InspireNC CAD Challenge: Green Generation will be revealed and scored TONIGHT starting at 8PM Eastern!! We will start with FTC and then move onto FRC at around 8:30PM Eastern! There will be prizes given out for the winners and special awards, as well as giveaways for those who watch live! Tune in at and give your critiques in chat!!


FTC Judging is about to start with FRC following! Check out these awesome designs and win some AndyMark swag at

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FRC is starting!


Missed the stream. A bit surprised that I have to be a sub on Twitch to watch Vods? Is that a recent change?

I assume your going to put the video up on Youtube later?

Videos will be up on YouTube tomorrow at


FTC Judging is now available at . FRC is processing


FRC Judging is now available at


We finally have feedback for all FTC and FRC robots!! Competitors can view your scoring sheet in this Google Drive folder: Scoring Sheets - Google Drive.

You can also take a look at the submissions that teams provided (if they gave us permission to release them) at this link: PUBLIC GREEN GENERATION CAD - Google Sheets

Thank you again to all participants, judges, and sponsors for helping us make this event possible! We’re always looking for feedback so that we can continue to improve our event for the future. As such, we have opened up a short feedback survey to give us your thoughts on the event and how we can improve:

We will continue to stay active on our discord server, so please use it as a resource to discuss CAD and robotics! Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us with any questions and/or concerns and we look forward to seeing you all back for our next CAD Challenge in a few months!