InspireNC's 4th CAD Challenge: TORCHLIGHT

Hello Chief Delphi,

I’m excited to announce that InspireNC, a student-led non-profit that works to promote STEAM education in North Carolina, will be hosting our 4th CAD Challenge: TORCHLIGHT from July 24th at 12PM EST to July 31st at 11:59PM EST. This challenge will be in similar scope to a CADathon, with a full game manual and field CAD being released at kickoff on July 24th.

Teams will have 1 week to CAD a robot to compete in our game. Our event will be comprised of 3 divisions: a FRC division and a FTC division, and a shorter mechanism division for FRC. This competition is a great way to improve your CAD skills and is open to all students, mentors, and alumni. Teams can be comprised of up to 3 people, unless all members are from the same FIRST team (in which case the team size is unlimited).

If you are interested in participating, one member of your team should sign up through this form: If you do not have a team to participate with, please fill out the form and we will assign you with random partners. Signups will be accepted until kickoff on July 24th. More information can be found at Please also join our Discord at InspireNC CAD Challenge .


How long after the contest ends do we have to reframe from releasing our designs to the public?

We ask that you refrain from publicly releasing your designs until after all of the judge’s feedback has been returned. This usually is about a week or two after the CAD Challenge ends (and we’ll give you a heads up in the discord when we’ll open it up for people to release designs).

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Hello Chief Delphi,

InspireNC’s 4th CAD Challenge: Torchlight will begin in just under 3 hours! If you haven’t registered yet, you’ve got until 12 PM EDT to sign up at:

We can’t wait to see all of your submissions!

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Welcome to the 4th InspireNC CAD Challenge, TORCHLIGHT! We are proud to release the game materials for TORCHLIGHT and we look forward everyone’s robots!

Game Manuals:
FRC - TORCHLIGHT FRC Game & Season Manual - Google Docs
FTC - TORCHLIGHT FTC Game & Season Manual - Google Docs

Field CAD:
FRC - Onshape
FTC - Onshape

Base Robot:
FRC Mechanism - Onshape

We request that everyone reads the manual in its entirety before asking any questions. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE MANUAL! Thanks and good luck to all teams! Ask questions on our discord here: InspireNC CAD Challenge

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