Insta360 video from Plano

Last year I purchased an insta360 camera after seeing its use on battlebots and hoping that meant it might be durable enough for use in FRC. It’s pretty neat - and I was able to get some cool video from the robot last year (

Here’s some footage from Plano. Hopefully before Pasadena I can find a better spot to put the camera (and clean the lens) to get less distortion. If anyone wants the raw footage for whatever crazy cool vision stuff y’all do, let me know…it’s like 3 GB per file, but the insta360 studio software also has an adobe premiere plugin.
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Qual match 43
Semifinals 2-1

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Love the sound it makes when shooting. Thanks for posting!

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Hopefully the robot is making that sound a lot more frequently in a couple of weeks.


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