installing easyC

On my PC, I installed EasyC and it worked, and I got the unlock code. Then I decided to try it on VirtualPC on my mac, and at the end of the installer bar, it says “Starting Error”, and then if I go and click the EasyC icon, it says “Cannot find registered component. Please restart computer”.

After restarting with the same error, and attempting to reinstall (same error), I decided to take off the unlock code from my pc, and then tried reinstalling on VPC again. Same error now, except now I can’t get a new unlock code on my pc to have that one work again because when I click get unlock code, it says server timeout. Is the licensing site down?

Mark H.

Did you follow this procedure?

I checked the server.

Its running correctly. What error number are you getting?
What version of windows are you running the virtual PC?