Installing Eclipse plugins?

Hi there,
I’m trying to get my developer station completely set up before the kick-off using last year’s software. I’m currently trying to set up a version controlling system to use with WindRiver Workbench, but I am having some trouble. WindRiver has built-in CVS support, but I can not use that because using CVS would mean having to give all my team members complete access to my website via SSH due to problems with my webhost.
I found an interesting Eclipse Git plugin named EGit yet when I try to install this using the plugin manager in WindRiver I get the problem: “org.eclipse.core.runtime required for plug-in.”

I’ve tried installing WindRiver into a normal Eclipse installation via button in the Help menu, but it doesn’t like my version of Eclipse.

Has anyone successfully made WindRiver work with plugins or any other version control?

The instructions that came with Windriver last year described loading SubClips built-in. Subclips is a subversion interface. Subversion is a very popular version control system and it is designed for remote access through the Internet. It is also one of the ways that the WPI library is supposed to be accessed but WPI didn’t get that up and running last year. Maybe they will this year.

Can’t believe I missed that! Thank you.

for instructions on how to set up a Subversion (SVN) server on localhost through apache, look here:

(start at post 6)