Installing FRC Control System Software Without Internet Connection

Hello all,
Does anyone know which (if any) of the control system software components need an internet connection to install after they’ve been downloaded? I am trying to compile everything software-wise that one would need to run/program a robot into a portable form-factor. I will be using this in an environment that doesn’t have reliable internet (the middle of the woods on a trip), so I would like to try and keep everything “local”. I would install it all on my laptop ahead of time, but it’s in the shop with a broken screen, so I’m planning to make do with the computer I left at the cabin we’re heading to the last time I was there.

(yes I’m taking a whole *** robot to the woods with me, I’m weird I know)

Once it’s downloaded, the Update Suite doesn’t need an internet connection to install. CSAs at most events carry the installer with them on a flash drive and regularly install it on computers without an internet connection.

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No, you don’t need internet access to install it. Some features are only available as a 7 day trial.

You might want to look into this tool. It will download everything for you.