Installing inventor in personal computer

Hello everyone

I changed my license type to standalone as recommended in other topics to ease the registering of inventor, but I have a doubt: can I install and register inventor in my personal computer, which is not part of the school’s network, where we will install the rest of the 9 seats?


Well if the licenses are standalone you shouldn’t have any problem doing that. You will just have to activate each one individually. Also, you can move the licenses around using the Autodesk Portable License Utility (I think it’s called that). Hope that helps.

I have been trying for like 3 weeks now trying to get Inventor and 3DS Max up. Can someone please help me activate it? I need step by step instructions as i am bad at this, so if someone can walk me through the steps on like AIM, my screen name is LAGuitaristGuru or Hot x Guitar. Thank you so much… im so frustrated right now.

So, nobody can help me? I really really really need help. ARGH. sorry to be forceful but i have been trying a while and still cant get it. If email is easier, [email protected]

Can you make do with a 30 day trial? (it does let you install a 30 day trial I would hope) then you can register it later.

our IT person is on first name basis with the Autodesk people after hours of calling in activation codes…if nothing else work you may have to call them. that is what we had to do to activate ours and they are all stand alones (our computers don’t have internet).

i dont like popups. i got it solved and should have it running tomorrow when Autodesk opens to take calls. Thanks Evan from team 971

I’m just curious: what popups are you referring to?

He might’ve thought it was one of those trial programs where it always bugs you to buy the full product. It isn’t, but the problem was solved regardless

When i try and install 3ds max 8, i get a registry problem now. I installed Inventor already. HKey_local_machine/Software/Classes/Transmittal.Transmittallnfo.1/CLSID is the registry problem when installing.