Installing LabVIEW - Activiation Code?

I understand it’s pretty late in the build season, but our team has been programming in Java. I wanted to install LabVIEW just to test some things out, but I could not find the installation key that it requires.

I am currently running a trial version. Does anyone know where the installation key is located (I haven’t found it on the “FIRST Competition Software” packet with the DVDs)?

The activation code should be on the sleeve that holds the installations CDs. In a pinch you can use this activation code L13R02010 - it’s the one I set up for the beta.

However, you should eventually find your official code in case we need to turn off the beta code.

The official code for all teams is L13R00000. It was sent out in an email for our team, I forget if I got it from FIRST though… Meh.

i had to use two separate codes to put in. one for the regular laptop we use and one for the classmate. the one for the laptop was included and was with the packet of programming stuff and the other one was the one that we had to use on the classmate was posted right before me.

We used the one that was on the packet originally, but like I said we got an email saying to use the one I previously posted… We were having some activation problems with the included one but if it worked for you then maybe our problem is sporadic.