Installing LabVIEW

This question might have been answered, but i am tired of searching for a correct solution.
Last week i successfully installed LabVIEW onto the classmate. When i did this, i copied the contents of the cd onto my external HDD. I have been trying to install LabVIEW onto my home desktop in order to program. I have downloaded LabVIEW using the contents on my HDD, but whenever i go to launch LabVIEW, i recieve the screen saying no licenses available. I have installed the updates from FIRST, and am using the serial code: L13R02200.

Do i need to install it straight from the cd?
What is my problem?

Is it possible that you missed hidden files when you copied it to your hard drive?
I’ve put it on a stick and installed from there without trouble.

I put the disc into my computer, and copied the contents to my desktop. Could their be any hidden files their?

Probably not the issue.
I just popped the LabVIEW DVD into my computer and at the top level I didn’t see anything that would necessarily be hidden.
The files I see are:

  • autorun.exe
  • autorun.inf
  • FRC_Tools_Setup.exe
  • LabVIEW_Setup.exe
  • readme_LV_FRCbase.html
    *]Resources folder

That’s weird, i have all of that.

I’m uninstalling it now and gonna try it again. Out of curiosity, is their a way for you to remotely connect to my pc and see if i am doing anything wrong?