Installing Solidworks on a Mac

I have macbook pro but SOLIDWORKS supported and optimized system for Microsoft operating system and products.
I didn’t found how to install SW to macBook

You will need to install Windows using Bootcamp or set up a virtual machine. After you do that you can install Solidworks on Windows.

Step 1. Acquire a legal license for Windows 7 or 8.

Step 2. Choose either Bootcamp or a virtual machine, then install Windows appropriately.

Step 3. Install and use Solidworks.

I recommend using Bootcamp for running Solidworks on OSX. Bootcamp makes a separate hard drive partition, from which you can then install Windows on. After installing Windows, you can choose between either OSX or Windows when you boot your computer. I used this method for several years when I mentored 228 while in college.

If you run Windows in a virtual machine, your RAM, processor, GPU, etc. resources will be split between OSX and Windows, which will hinder CAD performance.

I have licences for Paralled Desktop 10, is it the same as Vertual

“Virtual Machine” is a generic term, Parallels is one good way to run one on a Mac.

I would recommend starting with Boot Camp, then pointing Parallels to your Boot Camp partition. That way you can boot straight to Windows if needed (for example, if you find Solidworks is too slow when running in a VM), and also run Windows inside a VM while running OSX. It’s the best of both worlds:)

That is good.
Have you any site about that, how to do it right, this is first time I have mac.