Installing Solidworks PDM

Marie, in a previous thread you mentioned PDM does not get installed automatically, but that teams could access it by modifying the initial install once it is complete. I followed instructions (here) for doing just that, however after entering my installation code, the installer requests a second (different) code for the PDM. Do you have any suggestions for getting beyond that point?

Thanks in advance.


I work with Mari on the SolidWorks Education team. Before installing the client version (the once you will use on your personal computer) you need to install a Workgroup PDM Vault first. This means you will need to assign one computer on the network to be the vault.

Installation PDF:

Try the .pdf from my colleague. Marie


Forgot to answer the question. Use the same serial number.

Third time is the charm, After thinking about this issue, I think you check the Workgroup PDM box - dont do that.

Follow the document here. Nice photos on the install process.

You have to install the both the client and the vault.

Please let me know if you have any issue.

The instructions look straightforward, but I’m having trouble installing the vault. Could it be because I am using a Student edition of the software? It let me install, but I do not see the Solidworks Workgroup PDM Vault program to run. But when I go to look at the install process, it says this:

SolidWorks Workgroup PDM Server 2014 SP2.0 is already installed on this computer.

So I’m assuming I have it, but I am missing a step somewhere. Which I think it’s because I’m using the Student Edition (still waiting on our IT group to get the “real” version installed).

Thanks for any insight you can provide.

Think I was did not install it properly… Don’t answer just yet. As usual you figure out the problem as soon as you ask it.
Hold on

The vault is just a service, you have to also install the pdm vaultadmin to configure the vault.

Yep, got it to work from a single computer today. Both the Vault Admin and the Client. That was a 2014 version that was a temporary license available to teachers over the summer. Now that I know how to do it, once our computers at school get updated to the 2014 version I’ll install it on one computer and it will become the Vault server so students will be able to access it. (I think I can do that right?)

Also will students be able to access the Vault from home? I’m assuming not and that they will have to be on the same network to be able to access the Vault server or the computer acting as a Vault. Sound right?

You are correct. You can only access the vault if you are on the same network. You could use VPN access to connect to the school network from home but that is the only way.

If you can setup the necessary port forwarding, you can access it over the internet no problem. Might be an issue at a school but you could look into getting a VPS.