Installing the CRIO stuff

I ran out of space on the dirve while installing the CRIO stuff. (I though 2 gb would be enough) Anyway, It will not let me go back and select a different drive to continue the install. Is there some way to force it to finish on a different drive?
All I really need anyway is the Image loader, updated WPI library, and program loader. I am using Elcipse as my IDE. Is there anyway I could just install these tools without everything else?

All the updates that have been published so far require the installation to be in c:\windriver. And to install everything, you’ll need almost 5GB if I’m not mistaken. Yes, that really sucks for teams with older laptops.

You say you’re using Eclipse so I assume you’re doing C++ development. While you can use a separate IDE, as far as I know you’ll still need to install the whole Windriver package to get started. You’ll need the compiler from it, as well as having it properly licensed (as far as I can tell, Wind River seems to have patched GCC so that it requires a license key). You’ll also need various VxWorks headers and libraries that are installed as part of the Wind River package. Honestly if you’re using Eclipse anyway, I’d recommend sticking to the Wind River Workbench environment (which is WR’s version of Eclipse anyway).

I only have 1GB left on each drive. I tried to put everything on a 2 GB flashdrive, but that didn’t work. I quess I’ll have to do some cleaning or get a bigger flash drive (may circuit city has one cheap since that ran into chapter 11?) I can’t believe they decided to make everything that big.

Currently you MUST install on the C: drive, and if you install WindRiver it MUST be installed in “C:\windriver”. Even if it was possible I strongly recommend against installing on a flash drive for performance reasons.

You will need about 5gb once the install is complete, but you should have at least 10gb free so you have room for temporary install files.

I only have a 30GB HDD. We have to use our personal machines. The ones we got from the school are old and no longer work well (CD shot and slow to begin with), and that is only one computer at that. I guess its time to do some cleaning…

This thought came to me this morning. It only needs to be C:\windriver because that is the directory the updater looks for, correct? What if I installed everything on an 8GB flash drive or portable HDD and then used WINE under Knoppix to do the update? That way, I could mount the dirve as C:\ (I think, I’ve never gotten around to playing with WINE). Has anyone gotten this stuff to work with WINE?

There’s a thread elsewhere on CD discussing running the programming software on Linux (called something along the lines of “Anyone install WindRiver on Linux yet?”) – I’ve successfully run the redistributable version of Wind River’s cross-compiler through Wine (so far I’ve built the example code shipped with the compiler as well as WPIlib, but haven’t had the chance to do further tests than that) and another user has run the compiler executables shipped with Workbench through Wine as well.

If you’re comfortable mucking around with Makefiles that’s probably the easiest option; you can also create a standard GCC project in Eclipse and change the settings to use the proper executables and flags for building for VxWorks, but it’s quite tedious.