Installing third party libraries on VSCode for Roborio

We have been using Roborio with WPI library on VSCode to run our platform, and needed to install third party libraries for an actuator. These libraries are not included under vendor libraries, and no documentation on how to install them. I read that I could zip the .lib (static) and headers and copy to frc20xx/maven/com folder and include file = project.file(“lib/”) in model section and use 'useLibrary(it, “wpilib”, “mylib”) ’ however that did not help either. Is there something Iam missing or doing wrong or any documentation on how to add third party lib on VSCode?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you

If this is a C++ library, is the library compiled for the RoboRIO using the frc2020 ARM cross-compiler? You can’t just take a C++ .lib file for another platform (e.g. Windows or x86-64 Linux) and use it on the RIO. If you have source code, the easiest way to use things like this is to just copy the .cpp and .h files into your source tree, but if you don’t have source code there’s not much you can do except ask the creators of the library to provide you sources or compile it for the RoboRIO for you.

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