Installing VS code for Linux Mint

I am having trouble installing Visual Studio Code on Linux Mint. Can someone send me info on installing vs code on linux mint plz ?

Can you please clarify the problems you’re facing?
Refer to Microsoft VScode Linux installation page for instructions on Linux based system installations.

Mint is a .deb based distro. You should be able to follow the instructions for those here:

just installing in general

If you just need help getting just VSCode installed, then that isn’t too complicated. Start by downloading the 64 Bit .deb file from the VSCode downloads page. Once it’s downloaded, open the file in Mint’s .deb package installer program (you should just be able to double-click it) and click Install.

Once it’s finished installing, you should have a working copy of VSCode. The terminal command for running it (and what you’ll want to type into the search bar of your start menu if you have one) is just “code” for some reason. If you already installed the package and couldn’t find it, this may be the reason why.

If you need help with getting the rest of it set up, I should be able to help with that. Let me know if you are using C++ or Java if you do need a hand.