Instead of changing bumpers

In 2015 we had no contact and we avoided the bumpers, but deep down we all know robots smashing into each other is kinda fun :]

Conclusion: 80% probability … bumpers will be back

So instead of having to change bumpers between red and blue …

Some teams with sewing skills invented great ways to avoid a bumper change and stay within the rules.

But lets imagine if you would a “blank slate” where the bumper rules change, imagine that you could do anything (instead of changing bumpers) to indicate your team color red or blue …

What would you do ?

fixed that for you. Frank has already confirmed bumpers will return… Months ago…

Simple, two robots. Red and Blue

Bring back the lights, circa 2003 and earlier. I miss the rotating globes that broke every match. It was always fun to clean up pieces of smashed light globes from all over the field…

(In all seriousness, I do miss the rotating lights)

Though I would suggest not counting them in the robot weight (admittedly, removing them should actually be a pain, so that might not be the best idea).

The truly simplest way would be to use RGB LED strips in highly visible locations. We originally planned to do this in 2015, but decided to use the colors as a “heads up” display for the driver.

Color-change LCDs embedded in the bumper fabric would be cool, but probably too expensive.

Flags are easy, and were done before (see R17 in chapter 4 of the 2008 rules). And OBTW, HOW they would fit in with the teaser video!

We can go back to flags

Or we can go back to lights

Here’s my idea: Have six spotlights, three red and three blue that point at robots of the respective color. These spotlights follow the robots throughout the entire match!

But my preferred realistic idea is red and blue lights on the robots. But this time around maybe add some RGB LED strips in the KOP and make it a requirement that the robot have the strip(s) surround the robot on all sides. Since the strips are RGB, any teams can shine their own colors when off the field.

If using java, we’ve already posted a class on GitHub to do this; use the setAllianceColors() method. Wiring is described at this post.

Old School,

Rotating lights
No bumpers
End game where you climb a ramp and smash into the diamond plate.

That is a nice solution… If we want something like this to be universally used by teams to show alliance color, however, it need to be even simpler - a straight up plug-and-play option that just works. Kind of like the robot signal light. If someone made something like that and approached FIRST with it, I think a lot of people would be happy :slight_smile:

A “simple” set of red LED’s and a set of blue with a single plug. Use a switch in the line to go from red to blue and back again.

However, this would mean power loss would make your alliance color disappear.