Instructions for SDS MK4i with Neos?

Does anyone have assembly instructions for putting NEOs on an SDS MK4i kit? We have the parts from SDS, but it would be good to have clear instructions on what pinions and spacers to use on the NEOs. Or are the MK4 instructions correct apart from the flipped orientation? @PatrickW


YouTube video does pretty well. That’s what we used. The neo and falcon configuration are pretty similar.

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Thanks. We did see that video, but it only talks about mounting Falcons. I am hoping for some specific instructions on what pinions, spacers, etc go onto the NEOs.

The MK4 instruction booklet shows the parts, and they are different for the drive and turn motors. Are those the correct parts to use for the MK4i as well?

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+1 to this overall inquiry

There is another round of SDS swerve first-timers (including my team), and given current events many are using Neos. It would be helpful to have a Neo-specific assembly video (or just a video highlighting the differences with Neos) since teams have varying levels of experience/capability, and some teams will benefit greatly & be a lot more confident with the clarity.

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Can’t help with assembly instructions but we used this


We used the video with NEOs. We just put the spacer on the NEO shaft, then we put the pinion on, and then the retaining clip iirc.

If you want, I can send an up close picture of one of our modules if that would help.

That would be helpful. Thanks.

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All of the hardware to mount the pinons to the NEOs is included in the small gears bag. The steering motor uses the short spacer, then the gear and machine key, and then the retaining ring. The drive motor uses the long spacer, then the gear and machine key, and then the retaining ring.

3 of the mounting screws and spacers are used to mount each of the NEO motors to the top plate.

Below are some screenshots of the CAD for reference:


We just looked at the gears to line up the pinion gear with each gear and then used the proper spacer accordingly. It’s really not hard if you look at it.

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Patrick i didn’t get a response to the email I sent as to what grease you suggest we use on the gears. We did one with white lithium grease but it seemed too thin so we changed to Lucas red and tacky applied with a syringe. It might be nice to put something official though.

Are the Assembly Guide and Parts Lists for MK4i going to be added to the SDS website? It has said coming soon since they were introduced. It would be nice to have a printable guide.


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