Instructions on crio Ftp

Can anyone one provide me with instructions on how to ftp to the crio. I am trying to get the java vision target example working and I need to put the sample images on the crio.

Download the presentation “autonomousScriptingExampleExplanation.ppt” from the following link: and go to slide 17 - there you will find instructions for FTP.

Thanks for the help

I think the simplest way to ftp is to open internet explorer and enter ftp://10.XX.YY.2 in the address bar. Where xx yy is your team number, for team 63.

I would make sure the depth of my grooves are more than 1/2 the diameter of the poly cord.

use a program like FileZilla to transfer your images…thats what we did…

What can I say, I’m old school:

I think somebody posted in the wrong thread :stuck_out_tongue: