Intake design ideas

so me again, and I have came up with another discussion for today. We are plainning to do a simple non moving intake mechanism with mehanum tires. We need some design ideas what can u guys tell me about the best intakes?

Question on the “non-moving” part of the intake:
Is this meant to be outside of the Frame Perimeter during the match, and if so, how does it get there? (Per the rules, you’re not allowed to be outside the Frame Perimeter at the beginning of the match.)

As far as design ideas…

Take a look at the 2022 document, starting on page 16 or so, for their intake.


Check out any/all of the Open Alliance projects going on. They’ll all have photos, videos, decision walk-throughs, and usually CAD for you.


Intake Prototype 6 Week 1 - YouTube we are still tweaking the intake but this works well for us.


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