Intake Ideas PLZ !!!!

Our team is doing a intake/shooter coming from the front of the robot. The robot come in and shoots out the same way but we dont have a carrier for the ball whats a good design to keep the ball in.


The intake is two wheels sort of like a tennis ball launcher

There’s plenty of resources out there. There’s the Robot in 3 Days (Ri3D) videos on youtube. There’s plenty of robot reveals on Chief Delphi too.

That said, your ball carrier will probably depend on your shooter. For example, a catapult shooter is probably its own ball carrier.

Maybe this will help. We built a similar shooter to what you described during Ri3D. PM me if you want to know dimensions.

Our launcher just “carries the ball”, so we figured out how to hold it more securely while crossing the defenses. If your intake contacts both sides of the boulder as it brings it in, you may be able to do something like this: We have a photo range detector looking at our intake. While in intake mode we stop the intake wheels while the ball is wedged between the rollers and the back plate. We cross defenses with it wedged in there. When we’re getting ready to shoot, we follow through on the intake and feed it into the launcher. Driver controls for this are still a work in progress.

We don’t have much of a ‘launcher’ per se. It is more of a depositor. We reverse the acquisition rollers to eject the boulder. The clever part of the system is that when the boulder is fully seated it trips a switch wired into the Talon as a limit switch automatically turning the motor off. No software required… But we did add some java code to display the state of the limit switch on the driver station.
Good luck.