Intake Ideas with these bouncy game balls

What’s everyone’s thoughts for an intake system this year with this bouncy game balls and the chaos that’ll come with it. Our team is thinking of a larger system intake some carwash like flywheels we used last year but of course that takes more space.


Grippy. Compliant. Wide.
If a ball isn’t careening around the field, you want to be able to touch it and intake it.

I was thinking that a fairly standard floor intake (possibly vectored to the center) would be the first step, then add something to knock down balls still bouncing. If you can get them outboard of the main intake, the carwash/entraption style thing might work, but I was actually thinking of a low-tension net that caught balls high, robbed their energy, and sloped them down to just in front of the floor intake.

Another option I thought of after typing the paragraph above is a dual vertical shaft intake that drew CARGO in. I had considered and dismissed it earlier because I was thinking of wheels, but combining it with the carwash style flappers, this might actually be viable. Of course, picking CARGO up reliably from the carpet would still have to be the #1 pickup priority, because eventually every available CARGO will end up on the carpet. Curiously, a net behind the flappers to direct the CARGO in front of the floor intake looks really good here.

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