Intake mecanum or vectored wheels

my team was looking to purchase 2 inch mencanum or vectored wheels to use as an intake mec but have only found two sites with these that have a hex bore Wcp and thriftybot but both cites are out of stock or back ordered. I was wondering if there was any place else people have bought 2 inch mecanum wheels.

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Have you checked the list at:

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We’ll prolly buy from here using these files

Got insta quote of $20~30 for 4 sets

(they talk about “professional” and “for business” but its 3D printer Etsy. I’ve used it before)

thanks for the help

This might help. The second link down still works. Assuming you don’t have a broach as mentioned in the instructions, you should be able to 3d print an insert with 1/2in hex or use a modified AM/Vexpro hex hub. They are a bit pricey, so if you do have a decent 3d printer I would look at some recent threads to see if you can save some money there. Here’s one that looks good, but some people have been having a slicing issue in the thin sections. You may or may not have that issue.


Whoah! I was just typing that link!

I highly second this suggestion. We had these wheels on the ends of our cargo ground intake last season which allowed us to sort of “pull” the balls towards the center of the intake. To my knowledge, just one set might’ve lasted the entire season.
I can’t really explain them that well though, so please just refer to the post linked.

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Nice :slight_smile:

2 out of three of the link in your first paragraph don’t work

Interesting. I just clicked all three again and two of them worked. The first one is broken, but the one to fingertech and the CD post worked. Here are the raw links, maybe that’ll help? Which ones are broken for you?

The CD link resolves to this, but oddly, only on a desktop browser, not on mobile. Weird.

As the original authors of these instructions, Triple Helix doesn’t stand by them anymore. I recommend printing the FRC 125 or 401 designs that were posted this fall, or buy the Thrifty ones when Ryan has them back in stock!

TTB site says more will be in stock at the end of the week, and will continue to re-stock at least weekly throughout the entire season.

Disclaimer: I was involved in the design and manufacturing of the ThriftyBot 2" Vectored Intake Wheel.

Might I ask what the advantage to this is? I don’t immediately see the use of mecanums in an intake.

Mecanums grab a ball and pull it towards the center of an intake, allowing better grabbing of Power Cells.

How is that any different from a non-mecanum intake wheel?

Typically used to center a ball to a narrower index within your robot.

An example of the benefit of using the wheels on an intake.

Note: this is not a prototype I personally or my team built, just a video that has been shared.


It will pull straight into something, not pull it into a location

Oh, on top, of couse!

My view was the wheels would be used laterally and I was quite confused as to how it would make a positive difference.

Fair warning… in the CAD of the 125 wheels the hex is oversized by a couple thou (maybe 5?), presumably to give a decent slip fit on the shaft, but coming out of my printer yesterday it was undersized by about 10 thou - we’ll have to run our hex broach through it to get it on a shaft.

I’ve seen it before with printed parts off this printer, hexes come out about 15 thou under what the CAD says. Could be an issue with the printer, the material, the slicer, etc… The source doesn’t really matter, tbh. We took the CAD, increased the hex a little, and are going to try another print tomorrow to see if we can get a better fit. I wouldn’t want to order a batch of them without having one printed on the printer and with the material first to make sure everything interfaces properly. As it is, we have two of them for testing tonight that we’ll run the broach through, which should be good enough for us to start full production.

This is typically a sign of printer dimensions needing to be calibrated. But yeah, scaling will fix the issue.

Also for anyone worrying about the holes on the 125 print - they really don’t affect anything.