Intake questions

So we are still testing our intake with the thriftybot mecanum wheels and are getting very inconsistent results from our setup. What is everyone else getting for optimal wheel distance away from the floor and bumper. Are you seeing better success with the more grippy vex mecanum wheels? Any help would be super helpful!

It has been tough for us. trying 2" rubber wheel and there is a very small sweet spot. Must be at 8.5" to center from floor

and about 8.3 inches from bumper

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Are you guys doing over the bumper intake? Or are you bringing the ball in through a space between the bumpers?

Over bumper

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Our intake guy ran into the same problem. After some brainstorming we went with a polycarbonate ramp that flops out during startup and kinda fills up the corner. I’m still debating with him about whether we need to be able to pull it back in, since it seems sorta like a battlebots wedge :wink: My rules-fu really isn’t good enough to figure out if touching another team with a mechanism is bad or not…

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