Intake/shooter feeder prototype

Here’s a quick video for any of y’all that are struggling with how to pick up/feed the fuel to a shooter

That works really well. Our polycord is being shipped tomorrow and I’ve never used it. I’ve been itching to get some prototyping experience in.

Is the polycord riding directly on hex shaft? Did you see any noticeable wear on it?

The shaft has two collars and a hex spacer that the belts are riding on. They have some wear but I don’t think it’s that bad, these are the hollow core belts.

They are less tight than they need to be as well

The minimum minimum pulley diameter for McMaster solid core urethane solid cord belting (aka solid polycord) is 3/4" for 3/32" belts. For what looks like 1/4" belts, the minimum recommended diameter is 2". Did you feel that the polycord was being bent too tight or did it feel okay?

EDIT: hollow cord belting has an even larger minimum radius

Seems to be working fine, we might increase the radius of the pulleys in the next version