Intake/shooter mechanism

What are you using to attach wheels to as your intake roller? How do you secure the wheels in place?

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What do you mean? Like side to side? Most people use shaft collars.

I’m sure there are other places as well.

You could also use spacers to space them out. Some more experienced teams use e-clips or retaining rings.


We’re planning to use a tube, not wheels. It might be made of black ABS plastic sewer pipe, or if we get fancy, perhaps aluminum tube.

There might be a reason to use wheels, but I haven’t figured it out, yet.

Wheels I think are good for grip and the tube is what will be motorized. The wheels will spin with the tube.

You might do some experimenting to see what it takes to move the balls. You might need less grip than you think.

I will thank you for letting me know. I am in a design state of mind and am thinking of everything i do related to basic physics concepts

I ran around our build space last week trying to find something the ball wouldn’t stick to. I failed.


There is only sticky and extra sticky. For reference, polycarb, orange peel HDPE and aluminum were less sticky; sheet steel, painted cinderblock wall, tabletop, and carpet were quite sticky.

The least sticky in our case was the expensive whiteboards. (Porcelain think?)

Sanded, unpainted solid plywood seems to work well-ish.


Oddly enough Gates belts (VexPro HTD belts) aren’t that grippy on the balls. Pretty useful for indexing if you ask me.

if you rub acetone on your roller befor the match it will be sticky enough for sure. I think this was a tactic many teams used in 2015

We found this too - but were frustrated by it and completely missed that we could exploit it…

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