Intake Vector wheels, are you using them?

So how many teams scrambled to buy intake vector wheels and decided not to use them?

We bought some and after testing decided that a full width intake would be a better option.

Edit - to specify intake vector wheels

Ahem, I think that you may have meant to type vectored intake wheels, peasant.



33 is using 33 vectored intake wheels this season. We have been very happy with our intake and serializing.


Sarcasm noted, but also a valid comment.:grin:

My team attempted to 3D Print some, but it was more of an afterthought and they didn’t really work very well… We ended up just FULLSENDING a section of a pool noodle on a hex shaftas our intake. Our intake system didn’t really work very well, and our surgical tubing elevator was incredibly terrible, so they wouldn’t have made a difference.

I saw several teams with great VIW intakes, though, and would definitely recommend them for pulling balls over your bumper and into a hopper.

No, we sold ours

Honestly… we never even got on the VIW train. We’ll see if that was a good call or not at Heartland.

We are using them on a full width intake to move them into our indexer.

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We went with a full length intake after testing with the vectored intake wheels extensively. Right now the robot doesn’t have any, but we’ve talked about sticking one or two at each end of our roller. If we don’t used them this year, I’m still glad we have them on the shelf now for future projects.

2358 is using them. We’ve got 8 on our intake. We liked them and they work well for our application.

Yes. 1720 has a full width intake that brings the balls in and then uses VIWs to index the ball to one side of the robot. They work very well.


We’re using them as a means to clear jams on our full-width intake. And they work great!

We are using them to move the balls to the correct side of our robot since the gap to put balls into our indexer is offset from the center

Wow, I’m surprised that you managed to avoid the SHAMELESS PLUG for ThriftyBot VIW here…

Respect +

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We’re using them in the robot rather than on the intake. We played with them on the intake for a while but found that the ball centering only worked when we got the roller spacing and pressure on the ball just right. Opted to do regular rollers on a full width intake and sort in the bot where we can control the balls better. I know it worked for some other teams but it was going to require holding tolerances to a level we would probably fail at.

Singulating balls is still the thing that makes me most nervous about our bot. We’ve spent the last week modifying things to prevent jams and I think we have it now but I’m not sold yet. We’d rather go down to single ball intake if we have to at our first event than risk jams killing our shooting ability.

A plug would imply you could actually buy some.

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They were in stock all of last week and there are 50 sets still available as of now.


We took them off our bot after they caused issues

There it is! :grin:

:man_shrugging: Just correcting misinformation. Still in stock btw.