Integrating GitHub Codespaces with FRC

Hello everyone, I recently posted a “beta” link to this in another thread, but I have now finished my latest FRC-related blog post, and wanted to share.

For some background, I am a software developer at team 5024, where I primarily work on our core software library Lib5K (the name is a play on our team chant). Within the last few months, the library hit a point where everything is stable and tested, and no longer is being constantly updated with new code. Since then, I have been using it as a testing ground and learning space for working with industry tools, like automated testing of robot code, and CI pipelines containing safety checks for code before it gets dropped on a live robot.

I was recently accepted in to the GitHub Codespaces beta-test program along with a handful of other people I have seen on CD. For those who don’t keep themselves up to date on all of GitHub’s experimental features, Codespaces allows you to host full development environments for your projects in the cloud powered by docker.

With access to Codespaces, I have put together this blog post outlining how I set up Codespaces with Lib5K, and primarily WPILib for FRC development.


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