Intel Galileo boards made available to developers

I came across a decent find on a subreddit that Windows was releasing Intel Galileo for free to developers and hobbyists. It is a Intel based micro-controller that boasts a few great features like shield compatibility with the Uno R3, a similar Arduino development platform IDE, ethernet/I2c/Micro-SD/TWI support, as well as many others.

The link provided below is a request for individuals that might be interested in the board for possible usage.

I personally requested for one and I had an email notify me of when mine will ship. I am unsure of the full capability with FIRST and possibly if they would be 100% compatible. However, I do believe some of you here would be interested.

On a side note, I have been wanting to get my hands on an Arduino for quite some time and this opportunity to get hardware like this for free had me immediately sign up.

Thank you for posting this! I never would have known. I also requested one to possibly test FRC usability and also just to get a feel for the hardware.

check out ebay for knock-off Arduino boards. they are 2-3 times cheaper.

How long after you sent the request did you get an email back?

I was wondering the same thing; filled out the form this morning, and still haven’t received an email.

When I submitted it I got what looked like an automated email back right away asking for more info which led me to another form.

After submitting more info I again got what looked like an automated email saying they would let me know when the kit has shipped.

Both of these were pretty much right away.

Same. I’m just waiting for the email to let me know once it has shipped.

If you still haven’t received an email try filling out the form again. After the second time i submitted it i got an email back right away. Just waiting for the email to let me know when it ships now

I filled out the form a second time. If I don’t hear anything back by tomorrow night or sooner, I’m going to try using a different email address.

My guess is that based on how you fill out the initial form they decide whether you qualify or not. If you qualify then you get the email telling you to go to the page where you can enter your shipping address and other information. So for those who filled out the first form and didn’t get an immediate email directing you to the page with the second form what were your answers to the questions?

My son got an immediate email directing him to the second page and then an immediate “we will notify you when it ships” after he filled that out.

No, I did not get a email the first time I did it, but a few hours later I tried again with the exact same information and got the second email and form. Maybe they just like persistence.

Same thing with me. Sometimes it works first try, sometimes it doesn’t apparently. That’s to be expected. It is Microsoft after all.

Seems like this might be something nice for Microsoft to donate a few thousand of to FIRST and put in the 2015 KoP. Sure seems cheaper and potentially more useful than the Kinect was.

I object to that statement (of course there is some bias). It does seem that no one really used it though. I hope they don’t get rid of skeletal tracking input for autonomous. The only other thing you can use it for is to look at targets. There is too much light on the field to use the depth map sadly.

These boards do seem like they will be really fun to play around. Awhile ago, texas instruments was selling their board (launchpad) for 5 dollars a piece. I can’t wait to see what teams do with the Galileo.

So I filled out the form a third time, this time using my (Microsoft Exchange) college email address instead of my (Apple iCloud) personal email address. I promptly received the email from Microsoft. No coincidence there, nope. :rolleyes:

So if you want the free board you now need to go here as they just updated/redirected the main windowsondevices page making it a little hard to find. The only reason I knew about it is the guy, who is a FRC mentor posted about the update he just finished and made live.

We don’t have to sign up again if we already have though right?

Has anyone gotten the email saying it had shipped yet?

No I just posted the direct link since the place to sign up on the new page isn’t the easiest to find.

I doubt it, the entire reason I posted the new link is because my friend posted on FB that he just went live with the new page. I asked him if he could give some insight as to when they would ship. He stated that they would ship in batches and “no comment” as to when they would start shipping. To me that means they don’t have a firm date as to when they will start shipping but that it wasn’t going to be in the next couple of days. That friend is a mentor of a FRC team btw.