Intelitek Loader Press PRGM Button Fail

Hi all,

We’ve recently upgraded to the latest version of EasyC Pro and when we try to download any code (even the master-code) to the vex controller and we get a dialog box that says:

“To enable download, hold the “PROG” button down until the “PROGRAM STATE” LED is solid orange. Make sure the power is on and the serial cable is connected.”

We tried that, but the light never turns orange, it only just sits there flashing green the whole time.

We also noticed that in the IFI/Intelitek Loader it says “FRC” in the status bar when it should say “FTC” (or “VEX”, idk) because we’re using VEX for FTC…

Anyone know the answer to this puzzling question?


I had the same problem with my vex microcontroller, so I emailed the Vex support address and they directed me to the “Programming light is always on “ thread on Basically, you need to reload the master firmware.BIN file, then the default firmware.hex file.