Intelitek RoboCell - Virtual Robotic Arm Software

Intelitek RoboCell - Virtual Robotic Arm Software](

RoboCell integrates SCORBASE robotic control software with interactive 3D solid modeling simulation software. RoboCell’s virtual robots and devices accurately replicate the actual dimensions and functions of SCORBOT equipment. Students can teach positions, write programs and debug robotic applications offline before executing them in an actual workcell.

RoboCell allows students to experiment with a variety of simulated workcells, even if the actual workcells do not exist in the lab. Advanced students can even design 3D objects and import them into RoboCell for use in virtual workcells.

Download a demo of RoboCell](
Note: When installing Robocell make sure you Select RoboCell for the ER-4u.

For a demonstration or additional information please contact Intelitek Sales at 800-221-2763.