IntelliJ IDEA FRC Plugin Update Released

I’ve released a new version (v0.8) of the (unofficial) FRC Plugin for IntelliJ IDEA. You can install it via File | Settings | Plugins. To install, select the “Marketplace” tab and search for “FRC”. Select the plugin and click the Install button. After it completes, you will need to restart IntelliJ IDEA. The update requires version 2019.2 or later of IntelliJ IDEA. (The current 2019.3 EAP/Beta is also supported.)

New Project Wizard
The new version adds a robust New Project Wizard for FRC robot projects:

You can select the WPI Lib version and the Project Template (or Example) to use:

You can choose to include the VS Code configuration files so other team members using VS Code can immediately use the project. Similarly you can select whether to include a .gitignore file, and whether to, and how to, configure the project to include JUnit for tests:

The .gitignore is dynamically generated from the website ensuring the latest templates are used. In the event the the website is not available, cached templates are used. Advanced users can customize what templates are used when creating the .gitignore file:

Upon completion of the project wizard, the gradle project is automatically imported by IntelliJ IDEA:

I have it planned for a future release that Run Configurations for the commonly run Gradle tasks will also be automatically generated by the new project wizard.

RioLog Net Console
In addition, the previous RioLog Net Console tool window is still available. This has several advantages over using the gradle riolog task. The primary ones include integration with the Grep Console plugin to allow for syntax highlighting and line folding of the output:

As well as the ability to clear output console to focus on the latest run.

Code Templates
As in the past, the plugin provides code templates that can be used:

I still have to update the documentation at the Plugins GitLab site. I will try to get that done before thanksgiving.

More updates coming.


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